Island under the sun | The first phase of Grace Solar - Barbados agrivoltaic system has been successfully connected to the grid

Publish Time:2022-09-26 Sources:

The Republic of Barbados is located at the easternmost point of the Les Islands in the Caribbean Sea. In a report to be released in 2021, the Barbados government said it wants to become the world's first fully green, fossil-fuel-free island nation. The application of renewable energy technologies combined with the steady improvement of energy efficiency, that is, solar photovoltaic power generation combined with energy storage, can have a transformative socio-economic impact and is one of the important solutions for the island nation to take the lead in realizing the energy transition.


Recently, the Barbados agrivoltaicproject designed and supplied by Grace Solar not only makes full use of the local abundant solar energy resources, but also makes full use of the limited land resources around the local coast, and successfully promotes the development of local photovoltaic + agricultural planting. The project site is mainly planted with sugarcane. According to the regional characteristics of Barbados and the lighting requirements of sugarcane, Grace Solar adopts an all-carbon steel structure with high stability, large span, convenient installation, and optimized vegetation lighting and growth conditions.

"Reinforced" Agrivoltaic

For different projects, the design team of Grace Solar fully considers the natural environment such as the geology and climate of the project construction area. The project in Barbados is located in the coastal area, the environment is humid and the salt content is high, and the metal supports are easily corroded. To this end, the engineers focused on increasing the thickness of the hot-dip galvanized coating of the photovoltaic farm shed bracket, and used magnesium-aluminum-zinc plated materials with a higher anti-corrosion level to solve the problem.

There are many typhoons in the coastal area and the impact is large, which can easily have a serious impact on the safe and stable operation of the photovoltaic area. According to the local wind speed up to 64m/s, the engineers innovatively added an extra beam in the middle of the bracket to increase stability, and fully consider the wind-resistant air outlet in the design and layout of the modules, which effectively weakens the impact of the wind and waves.

Accelerating green energy transition in island countries

At present, the first phase of the project has been running smoothly. After a period of operation inspection, the safe and stable performance of the project's power generation and professional and thoughtful services have been highly recognized by customers. Now the second phase of the project has been started ahead of schedule. In the future, more and more island countries and island regions will speed up the transformation of green and low-carbon energy. As an established and reliable photovoltaic mounting system intelligent manufacturer, Grace Solar will continue to maintain its original intention and use professional and targeted technical services to help achieve Sustainable development goals around the world, more people have access to affordable, reliable and sustainable photovoltaic clean energy.