Brightening Latin America, Grace Solar 8.5MW ground power station constructed in Mexico

Publish Time:2024-03-12 Sources:
The New Yorker reports the daily consumption of electricity for ChatGPT from OpenAI is exceeding 500,000 KWh for the processing the request from 0.2 billion users. The amount of electricity that ChatGPT consumes is almost 17,000 times than the daily consumption of US household.

The data scientist Alex de Vries from De Nederlandsche Bank(DNB) points out the growing of energy footprint of artificial intelligence will significantly increase in the near future based on the calculation in the paper published in the sustainable energy journal Joule. In 2027, the energy consumed by the generative artificial intelligence will likely equal to the yearly electricity provided to a country sized similar to Dutch, this figure comes about 85-134 TWh.

Improving the structure of energy, lowering the carbon intensity
Decreasing carbon emission, achieving global net zero emission
The photovoltaic power generated globally by Grace Solar mounting system solutions dedicates equivalently to 214.5 million trees planted a year
Seeding for photovoltaic, recharging for mother earth

Please follow our steps closer to the myth Maya civilization, lets explore together to the Grace Solar 8.5MW Photovoltaic power station located in Mexico.
Brightening the soil of Latin America with the light of green energy.

【Powerful supporting! Brings new photovoltaic strength to Mexico】
The Grace Solar 8.5MW power station is located in Mérida, state of Yucatán , Mexico.
Mexico is one of the most sunny area on earth, as the second largest electricity market in Latin America, Mexico has strong manufacturing industry and rising need for energy, becoming Top30 nations in global photovoltaic power station installment in 2023.
The Grace Solar Mexican project applies carbon steel ground mounting system with double column concrete foundation + U shape ground screw foundation. This design provides strong support in stability to power station. The benefits for this design are adaptable in complex terrain, high utilizable, strong stability, quick installment, easy to operate and maintenance, fulfil the requirements of client for economic and cost saving purposes, adoptable for large ground power station.

Grace Solar worked closely with local EPC and formed long-term partnership, this collaborated photovoltaic power station belongs to Comisión Federal de Electricidad(CFE). Grace Solar provides the designing to the project, ensure the construction schedule is matched, safeguards the operation of power station and Grace solar gained highly admittance from client on the professional work and premium customer services, and continuously expanding its influence on the global market.

【Green Latin America! Grace Solar accelerates its step on pursuing light】
In the age of artificial intelligence, The upgrade of electricity supply chain becomes compulsory! Photovoltaic power generating is a reliable solution for electrical breakthrough and speeding the upgrade. Grace Solar focuses closely on energy upgrading in Latin America and establishes a branch in Mexico, dedicates its top photovoltaic technology on the Mexican energy development. Grace Solar will act positively to the local policy, keep developing the Mexican market, provide more effective, stable and reliable products and professional service, speed up the upgrade of global energy, forming a green future together.