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Solution Intro

Photovoltaic, Energy Storage and Charging integrated carport can be operated on-grid with the conventional power grid or independently. Microgrid technology, known as the "last mile" of new energy technology, not only has the advantages of pollution-free, sustainable, and environmentally friendly new energy power generation, but also compensates for the instability, low power quality, and the disadvantage of needing cordination of power transmission and distribution networks. Combined with the charging function of electric vehicles, it can perfectly solve the demand contradiction between new energy power generation at the power generation end, the user end and the grid end. Grace Solar PV carport combines its own PV advantages to develop BIPV products that can be applied to a variety of application scenarios, which is different from the traditional BAPV. Grace Solar BIPV adopts multiple waterproof structures, which are more beautiful than traditional carports and have a long service life, making the carports more intelligent and environmentally friendly. Grace Solar BIPV products are not only diversified and highly customized, but also safe and reliable in operation.


  • Long-term benefits
  • Low cost
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection
  • Versatility
  • Beautiful outlook


Industrial parks, business districts, hospitals, schools, etc.

Technical Specs


● Beautiful outlook: PV modules replace the membrane structure steel roof of the traditional carport, adding a beautiful scenery.

● Versatility: prevent the car from being exposed to the sun and rain, provide green power for new energy vehicles to charge, and provide electricity for enterprises, etc.

● Energy-saving and environmental protection: Use high-rise solar energy, no emissions, no noise, no pollution, green and environmentally friendly.

● Low cost: low cost per square meter, including all projects such as steel structure and photovoltaic system.

● Long-term benefits: The photovoltaic carport system will continue to generate electricity for 25 years. After the cost is recovered, you can enjoy the pure revenue of the PV carport.

Four Solutions, customized on demand

● A: Solar Carport

● B: Solar Carport + Energy Storage

● C: Solar Carport + EV Charge

● D: Solar Carport + Energy Storage + EV Charge


● On-Grid Mode: During the day, photovoltaics first charge EVs; the remaining power is for energy storage charging. After the energy storage is full, the remaining power will go on grid. At night or in rainy days, the energy storage system and the grid jointly supply power to charge EVs.

● Off-Grid Mode: When the mains power fails, the system automatically switches to off-grid mode.


● Better waterproof and heat insulation performance.

● Spontaneous self-use of photovoltaic power generation.

● Flexible electricity storage and continuous electricity use.

● Automatically switch between on-grid and off-grid mode. Incomes from peak-to-valley price difference.

● Power failure emergency backup.

● Long-term sustained income.

Storage System

● Energy Management System (EMS) + Power Conversion System (PCS) + Battery Management System (BMS)

● 3 in 1

● Intelligent management, real-time monitoring, high security, rapid response.

Charging Pile

● Energy saving, high efficiency, safety and reliability, high stability, small size, less space, strong environmental adaptability.

● When the load power < the photovoltaic power, the photovoltaic power supply for the load.

● When load power > photovoltaic power, photovoltaic and energy storage together supply power to the load.

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