Greening the Future| Grace Solar Supports the On-grid Carport Power Generation of a Japanese golf Club

Publish Time:2024-03-20 Sources:

Let’s bathed in the spring scenery, use green energy start a new chapter. The large photovoltaic carport of a golf club in Aichi, Japan (manufactured by Grace Solar ) was successfully connected to the grid and put into use. 

The GS photovoltaic carport project satisfies customers' needs for parking in the shed, shading from the sun and rain, rooftop power generation, and energy utilization. It serves multiple purposes and provides a strong guarantee for a green and low-carbon life.

[Promoting low carbon, golf club photovoltaic carport has many highlights]

Japan is unique in its popularity and love of golf . There are as many as 2,600 golf courses in Japan, and about 13 million people play golf, which is called "golf for all." Golf clubs in Japan are famous for their beautiful natural environment and complete facilities.
Grace Solar photovoltaic carport - low-carbon environmental protection, simple and beautiful carport design has become a new highlight of the golf club.
In terms of material selection, an all-aluminum alloy solution is adopted. The overall structure is safe and stable, with stronger wind resistance and high space utilization;
For the structure, it adopts a double-layer rail design, and the waterproof structure of the roof panel and gutter has superior waterproof performance;
The cross-section is designed to beautify the appearance, ensuring the aesthetics of the product while realizing the power generation function.
Grace Solar‘s photovoltaic carport system is highly pre-assembled before shipment, effectively saving on-site construction and installation costs for customers.

[The first company in China building a powerful "engine" for energy conservation and emission reduction]

The all-aluminum alloy photovoltaic carport is one of Grace Solar‘s most mature products. It is the first photovoltaic company in China to obtain JIS photovoltaic carport certification, and its safety in the construction of medium and large parking lots has been authoritatively recognized. It has been widely used in Japanese factory parks, commercial districts, hospitals, and schools, and can flexibly respond to the safety needs of carports in different scenarios.

As an intelligent manufacturer of photovoltaic brackets that has been deeply involved in the industry for 15 years, Grace Solar will continue to leverage its "photovoltaic +" R&D and design, adhere to innovative and intelligent manufacturing, and provide efficient photovoltaic bracket system solutions through high-quality products and professional technology to help enterprises move towards low-carbon goals!