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Solution Intro

The increase in power generation of solar PV plant is inseparable from the mounting solution design as well as further O&M. Based on this, Grace Solar recommends the solution of combining Grace Solar tracking system and cleaning robot. The AI tracking strategy of the GS tracking system can optimize tracking in different modes such as night, rainy, snowy and sandy, and is perfectly adapted to the cleaning robot, which not only ensures the smooth operation of the plant, but also realizes the safe cleaning of modules. This solution can realize the increase in power generation, and really reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of power plants!


  • Stable, safe and reliable
  • High return on investment
  • Intelligent cleaning robot
  • Extreme weather protection
  • Reliable and safe communication
  • 600W+ Module
  • Two artificial intelligence


Farmers Light Complementary,Fishing Light Complementary,desert region,Complex Terrain, Typhoon And Highly Corrosive

Technical Specs

AI control + intelligent tracking

● Global tracking under real terrain, simulation of terrain and system layout, effectively avoiding shadows.

● Collect real-time weather data and cloud images to effectively distinguish the tracking methods in different areas.

● Intelligently calculate the optimal angle to perfectly cope with various complex terrain and extreme weather.

● Up to 8% increase in power generation

AI control + intelligent O&M

● Superior Adaptation , 1+1>2

● Fully adapted to mainstream cleaning robots on the market

● Infinite integration and stable operation

● Artificial intelligence, timely communication, efficient cleaning, and increase power generation

4 modes, infinite integration

● Night-return Mode: Returning to horizontal state and cleaning at night

● Rainy Mode : Automatic cleaning on a rainy day.

● Snow Mode: Automatic snow removal

● Sandstorm mode: Dust cleaming after a sandstorm

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