Photovoltaic Market - Forecast and Analysis of Global Photovoltaic Industry Market Situation in 2022

Researcher TrendForce :Global installed capacity of photovoltaic will reach 200GW in 2022 -

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Structural imbalances in the supply chain and energy intensity and consumption control measures implemented by China in late September caused prices of most PV module materials and components to continue to rise. Freight and photovoltaic power plant construction costs also remain high.


As a result, PV plants in many regions will be delayed until 2022, but it remains unclear when module prices will start falling. Despite these challenges, the global race to reduce carbon emissions continues, with InfoLink's Corrine Lin predicting a bright future for PV deployment in 2022.


Chinese PV demand is expected to reach as high as 70 GW in 2022. InfoLink expects global module demand to be between 196 GW and 212 GW, up more than 20% from this year's 164 GW. At the same time, the increasing deployment of solar + energy storage will accelerate the steady growth of solar energy.


 On the storage side, InfoLink predicts that by the end of the year, the total number of homes equipped with solar energy will exceed 11 million in the four key markets of Germany, Japan, Australia and the United States, while storage will reach 1.5 million.

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