The opening of BIPV promotes photovoltaics to change buildings

Publish Time:2021-12-21 Sources:garcesolar

BIPV, as a basic tool for building energy conservation, efficiency enhancement, and carbon emission reduction, has received more and more attention, and industry leaders are also constantly innovating and exploring.


In the context of many countries' announcement of targets to reduce building energy consumption, the development of green buildings has become a major focus of the energy transition. From the perspective of industry insiders, when photovoltaic subsidies decline, the development of the photovoltaic industry will no longer be "subsidy-driven", but will be transformed into "demand-driven".

BIPV (Integrated Building Photovoltaics), which belongs to the integration of building and photovoltaic, is physically integrated, and has balanced functions. It is essentially a building, but it integrates photovoltaic functions.

BIPV is not a simple consumable building material, but a means of production with direct production capacity. It must not only meet the actual needs functionally, but also be economically feasible, especially compared to the original "single building model" or "photovoltaic building model."

With the increasing importance of clean power, the economics of distributed photovoltaics have been greatly improved, which is the basic premise of BIPV economy.

BIPV is not just a simple roof power generation or wall power generation. "In general, the BIPV market has huge potential, and various market segments and market segments are expected to develop diversified. At present, the development of BIPV is only an architectural embellishment, but with the development of technology, the combination of photovoltaics, construction and building materials can Turn the building into a generator."

The first practical application case of BIPV roof enclosure system in non-steel structure building. Faced with the urgent needs of the owner’s office building, short construction period, and cross-construction of the main building with multiple links. New Energy adheres to the principle of "customer first", strictly controls the construction quality and time schedule, ensures that the project is completed on time with guaranteed quality, and that the main building is put into production on time. In order to shorten the construction period as much as possible, realize the goal of the customer to start production as soon as possible. The new energy construction team accurately measured the construction site data through the preliminary survey; during the construction period, the resources were coordinated and allocated, the construction team and other construction units were arranged for cross-working, and the flow construction cooperated with each other. The entire construction cycle takes only 12 days from entering the site to connecting to the grid. All indicators have passed the acceptance of the quality department, and the overall construction is efficient and high-quality. New Energy adheres to the brand concept of "stable and reliable, leading in technology", takes customers as the center, builds excellent projects, and guarantees quality and quantity while meeting customer needs while being fast and mobile.