Roof Mounting System for Australia market

Publish Time:2021-11-15 Sources:

The Australian Energy Council’s (AEC) latest Quarterly Solar Report reveals that more than 14.7 GW of solar PV has been installed on Australian rooftops, making rooftop solar the second largest generator by capacity in Australia.

The AEC said that during the 2020-21 financial year, an estimated 373,000 solar systems were installed on Australian homes, up from 323,500 during 2019-20. Installed capacity also jumped from 2.5 GW to more than 3 GW while the average unit size reached 8.06 kW in June.

New South Wales led the way with more than 116,000 rooftop systems installed and 965 MW of capacity added to household rooftops during the 2020-21 financial year.

Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia also saw strong uptake, with a total of 212,000 installations and a combined capacity of 1.67 GW.

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