Shining on the Global Stage|Grace Solar Tour of PV exhibitions in the first half of 2024

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With the global attention to clean energy rising, Grace Solar, as a leader in the PV industry, actively participated in major solar PV exhibitions in the first half of 2024, from Solar Energy Expo in Poland to the Open Energies 2024 in France, from the PV Expo in Japan to the Energy Transition Expo in Italy, and then to the Solarex Istanbul in Turkey, the Solar&Storage Live London 2024, and up to the 2024 SNEC in Shanghai and the Intersolar in GermanyGrace Solar's photovoltaic footprints around the world, to show the world the depth of Grace Solars technology, product thickness and height of the enterprise, using our strength and wisdom to win the industry colleagues and many EPC enterprises widespread recognition.


1. Excellent products: leading the way in the global PV market


In every exhibition, Grace Solar PV mounting systems always become the focus with their outstanding performance and excellent quality. This is not only due to its unique product charm, but also lies in Grace Solar's extreme pursuit of product details.


In terms of material selection, Grace Solar GS series PV mounting systems are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant quality materials and combined with cutting-edge anti-corrosion treatment technology to ensure that the brackets remain stable and durable in extreme environments such as wind, snow and earthquakes.


As for the design structure, it adopts cutting-edge engineering design concepts, and after precise calculations and rigorous testing, it achieves multiple breakthroughs in stability capabilities such as wind resistance and earthquake resistance. The precise mounting angle and precise control of the bracket can make the PV panels and sunlight always keep at the best angle, thus maximising the power generation efficiency of the PV system. Meanwhile, the modular design makes the installation process more efficient and convenient, significantly reducing construction costs and time.

In terms of application scenarios, Grace Solar PV brackets are widely used in all kinds of PV projects, and the Grace Solar PV elements can be found in PV projects in 100+ countries and regions in six continents, whether it is a large-scale ground-based PV power plant, rooftop distributed PV, or agricultural photovoltaic and other types of projects. Its excellent adaptability and reliability have won wide praise from customers.


As for the product quality, Grace Solar PV mounting systems are subject to strict quality testing and control. From the procurement of raw materials to production and processing, and then to the finished product factory, each link is strictly controlled to ensure that each bracket meets the high quality standards. This persistent pursuit of quality makes Grace Solar PV mounting systems win the good reputation in the market. In the international market competition, it has led the wind vane of the global PV market.


2. Leading-edge technology: a key engine driving innovation in the industry

In the ocean of technology, Grace Solar always stands at the forefront of the industry. We have continuously explored and innovated, and launched a number of leading technological achievements. It not only promotes the progress of the industry, but also wins us wide praise and trust.


Take the GS-light intelligent tracking system incorporating AI technology launched by Grace Solar as an example, which fully demonstrates Grace Solar's strong strength in the solar energy field. Adopting advanced AI algorithms, the system is able to analyse the sun's movement trajectory in real time through intelligent tracking strategies and adjust the angle of the PV panels accurately, ensuring that the panels are always aligned with the sun. This intelligent design not only improves power generation efficiency and reduces energy loss, but also brings better experience to customers.


3. Innovative solutions: tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers

Grace Solar understands that every customer has unique needs. Therefore, Grace Solar provides tailor-made PV solutions for customers in different regions, industries and sizes. Covering a wide range of application scenarios, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and plant, we provide personalised product configurations and system solutions for different scenarios depend on the natural environment of the project sites.


In the 10MW ground carbon steel adjustable project in Afghanistan, the hot-dip galvanized steel that reaches the limit of material thickness is used to adapt to the local highly corrosive environment; in the PV carport project in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, the double-V multi-column PV carport with better stability is accurately adapted to the natural environment of Japan, where earthquakes are frequent.


At the same time, we have set up subsidiaries, branches and offices in Tokyo, Kyushu, Australia, Italy, Romania, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and many other countries and regions around the world, actively building a global and professional team, and building bridges of communication with customers around the world.

4. Fruitful Results: Gain the trust and recognition of our customers around the world

Through the exhibition display and communication, Grace Solar harvested fruitful results. Intended orders and consultation requests were received from all over the world, and customers expressed strong interest in and high recognition of Grace Solar's products, technologies and solutions. They have expressed that Grace Solar is a trustworthy partner and are willing to establish a long-term and stable cooperation relationship. These results not only brought considerable performance and market share for Grace Solar, but also laid a solid foundation for future development.


Looking into the future, Grace Solar will continue to uphold the concept of "navigating the world, casting a green legend", and continue to innovate, forge ahead, and provide customers around the world with better products, more advanced technology and more perfect service. Let us work together to create a green future!