Distinguished Honor | GraceSolar Once Again Achieves 2023 Photovoltaic Mounting Brand and Impactful Unique Photovoltaic Application Project Awards

Publish Time:2023-09-20 Sources:

On September 19, 2023, the 12th annual "Polaris Cup" Photovoltaic Impact Brand Awards ceremony was grandly held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. GraceSolar, a global leader in photovoltaic mounting system manufacturing and a well-known innovative domestic enterprise, showcased outstanding performance in innovation, brand value, and project applications. For the sixth consecutive year, GraceSolar secured the prestigious "Photovoltaic Mounting Brand of Influence" award and, to add to its accolades, received the "Impactful Unique Photovoltaic Application Project Company" award.

Guided by global zero-carbon goals and national policies, GraceSolar has consistently focused on innovative research and development in efficient photovoltaic mounting system solutions. We provide robust support for the construction of safe and efficient photovoltaic power stations, delivering a continuous source of green energy for the development of new energy. Since our establishment in 2009, we have accumulated years of experience in project design and development, offering our customers secure and reliable solutions. This year, our performance in international markets has been robust, with a leading market share in Japan and the successful grid connection of several flagship projects in Southeast Asia. By mid-year, we had already achieved 70% of the previous year's annual performance, making this award a well-deserved recognition.

The awarded Impactful Unique Photovoltaic Application Project is the 100MW agricultural-photovoltaic hybrid project located on Uku Island, Japan. During the project's experimental phase, it has been operating steadily and has received positive feedback. It stands as one of the largest agricultural-photovoltaic hybrid projects in the region. The project adopted GraceSolar's GS-Agricultural Shed Mounting System solution, representing a typical case in our Japanese agricultural-photovoltaic hybrid projects. It showcases our technological leadership in photovoltaic-agricultural integration, fostering a harmonious synergy between local energy and agriculture, maximizing land utilization value, and promoting sustainable development in green agriculture.

The "Polaris Cup" annual impact awards have been continuously held for twelve years and are organized by the leading vertical portal website, Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network. The awards involve multidimensional methods such as research, voting, and expert panel evaluations to fully recognize outstanding enterprises with the best industry reputation and the most significant impact.

This recognition not only applauds GraceSolar's contributions to the photovoltaic mounting sector but also underscores our corporate strength and reputation. In the future, GraceSolar will remain true to our original aspirations and, with a focus on technological innovation and quality craftsmanship, continue to contribute to the global transition toward low-carbon new energy development.
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