Clean Up the World Weekend | Grace Solar “PV+” clean energy alleviate the burden on the earth

Publish Time:2023-09-15 Sources:
Traditional energy generation produces greenhouse gases and solid waste
The limited self-purification ability of the earth is difficult to bear
It is urgent to provide clean energy and alleviate the burden on the earth.

Grace Solar has been on the way
Actively explore latest PV power generation application scenarios

“PV +” clean energy projects are flourishing everywhere

“Wherever the sun shines, there is “PV+” —— Grace Solar’s PV bracket.”

PV + Residential
Grace Solar provides more than 50 residential rooftops in Dubai
Grace Solar PV brackets are perfectly integrated with the roof
Efficient use of space
Provide daily electricity for families

Ensure residents have a calm life

solar roof mount

PV + Commercial
Philippines SM Group Commercial Center
Covers 4.5MW Grace Solar PV roof bracket
Make the most of spare roof
Promote corporate carbon emission reduction

Create “rooftop sunshine aesthetics”

solar roof mounting

PV + Industry
Grace Solar’s brackets on the roof of a new energy industrial factory
Installation of 3.3MW distributed PV roof
Annual power generation can reach 4 million kWh
Save electricity while ameliorating thermal insulation

Help enterprises reduce carbon emissions and increase income

PV+ Water Affairs
In a water supply plant park in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China
Grace Solar PV brackets support a distributed PV power station
Large power consumers with high energy consumption realize their own production and use
Power supply for local water systems, saving energy and reducing consumption

Guarantee the "freedom of electricity use in water plants"

PV Water Affairs

PV + Carport
Inside a factory producing machine parts in Fukushima, Japan
A PV carport glows in the sunlight.
China's first JIS-certified "GS- Carport Mounting System".
While providing a "sense of security" for the vehicle

Assisting enterprises in green transformation

PV Carport

PV + Farm
100WM farm mounting system in Ukyushima island, Japan
Annual power generation can reach 17,000,000 kWh
Realizing positive interaction between energy and agriculture
Grace Solar installs 400MW PV mounting system on the whole island.

Realizing "Green Energy, Green Ecology, Green Economy" for the island.

PV Farm

PV + Transportation
2.75MW PV tunnel in South Korea
PV modules cover it like sparkling waves
Absorbing sunlight
Storing green energy

"Sunshine passbook" makes transportation more environmentally friendly

PV + Transportation

As an important part of the PV clean energy industry chain, Grace Solar will persist in pioneering and innovating to provide the industry with more efficient PV mounting products, help reduce the burden on the earth, and contribute its wisdom and strength to realize the goal of "dual-carbon", so as to achieve a green and zero-carbon future together.