Photovoltaic Aesthetics | Grace Solar facilitate the Rapid Rise of Japan's Roof Economy

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The Japanese government is now vigorously promoting and supporting the development and utilization of rooftop PV. Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry will implement a policy from 2024 to purchase the electricity generated by rooftop PV at a high price, which brings a good opportunity for the development of the "Photovoltaic + Industrial and Commercial" rooftop model.
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Adapting to Local Needs: Customizing Solutions for Every Structure
Recently, Grace Solar's industrial and commercial photovoltaic roof project in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, was successfully connected to the grid and put into operation.
According to the actual needs of customers, Grace Solar adopted the PB02+SMR bracket series solution. The design of this solution takes into account both the overall aesthetics of the power station and the installation requirements of flat-roof power stations, with superior stability and efficient power generation.
Considering the local climate characteristics of heavy rain and snow during Ibaraki winter, the project used high-strength aluminum alloy bracket materials to effectively reduce the load on the roof and extend its service life. It could be highly pre-assembled before shipment, with easy and flexible construction.
After the project was connected to the grid, the operation was stable and the power generation continued to be efficient, winning high praise from customers. The photovoltaic roof projects can revitalize the fixed assets of enterprise, effectively utilize the idle resources of the building roof, achieving the perfect combination of environmental protection and economic benefit.
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"Pv + Industrial and Commercial”: A Promising Future
The "Pv + Industrial and Commercial" roof model has broad market prospects. Compared with development in mountainous areas, there is a lot of space for installing photovoltaic power generation on rooftops. According to estimates by the Low Carbon Society Strategy Center of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, the area of roofs, factories, warehouses, industrial parks and commercial facilities where photovoltaic panels can be installed is add up to 7,600 square kilometers. There is a view that the installed capacity can reach tens of millions of kilowatts.
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Grace Solar will continue to promote innovation and technological upgrading, providing more corporate customers with efficient and high-quality product solutions, helping enterprises inject green energy into high-quality development, and boost the development of global photovoltaic energy.