Grace Encyclopedia | Severe weather occurs frequently, how to ensure the stable operation of photovoltaic racks?

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Recently, typhoons and heavy rains have occurred frequently in coastal areas, which not only causes inconvenience to people's daily lives, but also affects the operation and efficiency of solar systems. As a connector to link solar panels and solar plants, solar mounting systems play an important role in PV systems. Today, Grace Solar will describe how to ensure the stable operation of solar plants from two aspects of mounting system selection, installation and maintenance.

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Type selection of solar mounting system

To meet the requirements of power generation for 25 years, the solar mounting system must not only use high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability, but also ensure structural firmness to meet the requirements of wind load and snow load. In the practice of specific photovoltaic projects, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the terrain, climate and other conditions of the installation site for the selection and scheme design of mounting systems. For example, in the current construction of utility scale ground solar plants, topographical conditions, hidden dangers of geological disasters, depth of accumulated water, flood water level, drainage conditions should be taken into consideration.

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Installation and Maintenance of solar mounting systems

Installation: Carry out correct installation according to the design requirements, ensure that all bolts and welds are firmly connected, and ensure that the overall PV array does not appear to be deformed, dislocated, loose, etc.; when connecting with solar modules, pay attention to the frames, the contact resistance between the two is not greater than 4Ω, and the frame must be firmly grounded.

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Maintenance: Strengthen the comprehensive inspection of PV power plants on a daily basis, maintain and replace loose and damaged parts, pay attention to the integrity of the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the mounting system, and carry out timely repainting; pay attention to weather changes, and add temporary drainage facilities, check the grounding system, and check the overall situation before and after bad weather.

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