Delivering Warmth and Care, Grace Solar Sends Zongzi before the Dragon Boat Festival

Publish Time:2024-06-04 Sources:

As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, the Zongzi gift boxes carefully prepared by Grace Solar have been delivered, aiming to convey the warmth and care of the festival. Each Zongzi carries Graces deep blessings. I hope that all colleagues can feel the warmth from the big family while tasting the delicious food.

In addition, on the occasion of the arrival of Dragon Boat Festival, GraceSolar would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all employees and partners. It is your hard work and selfless dedication that have enabled GraceSolar to keep moving forward and create brilliance. Here, we sincerely wish you all peace and health on Dragon Boat Festival, as well as happiness and well-being for your family!