Case Sharing | GraceSolar Solar Power Generation Lights up Singapore's "Rooftop Economy"

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With the rapid development of photovoltaic industry in the world, the development mode of "photovoltaic + industrial and commercial roof" is becoming more and more popular in the market, which can make full use of idle roofs of enterprises, promote clean and efficient utilization of energy, and accelerate the energy transformation of enterprises. Recently, GraceSolar 1.25MW industrial and commercial solar roof project in Singapore has successfully on-grid operated.

solar roof project

The R&D team of GraceSolar has rich experience in industrial and commercial roof project cases. The design will not destory the original steel tile structure of the roof in the construction process. According to the customer's elevation design requirements, we customized a special design by using the Kliplok custom-made adjustable trapezoidal roof clamps in the BAPV system to ensure the safety and stability of the entire power station. The solar mounting structrues and clamps of this project are made of light aluminum alloy material, which can effectively reduce the load on the roof, prolong the service life, improve the efficiency of the power station, effectively promote the carbon emission reduction of enterprises, and enhance corporate’s brand image and social responsibility.

BAPV system

The partner of this project is a well-known Japanese EPC. After multiple strict reviews, GraceSolar was selected to contribute Singapore's photovoltaic industry. The successful completion of the project has laid a very good foundation for both parties to jointly develop photovoltaic projects in Singapore in the future. In fact, GraceSolar has been in Singapore for many years and attaches great importance to the local market potential. Up to now, GraceSolar has completed hundreds of PV projects in Singapore, all of which are running stably and efficiently. With advanced technical strength and product quality, it has been widely recognized by local customers, which is of positive significance to the development of the local photovoltaic industry.

photovoltaic industry

“Heaven and earth do not speak, but the four seasons still run alternately, and all things thrive as usual.” As the world's leading intelligent manufacturer of solar mounting structures, GraceSolar can not only provide high-performance mounting system, but also provide customized design solutions and technical guidance for partners, making contributions to jointly promote the high-quality development of the global green, low-carbon and clean energy industry.