Welcome Party | Hello New Employee, Welcome to Grace Solar

Publish Time:2023-02-28 Sources:
Spring returns to the earth and all things revive. With the continuous expansion of the overseas market of Grace Solar, the demand for talents is increasing. Recently, a group of new forces have joined Grace Solar. In order to help new employees know about the company as soon as possible, understand the photovoltaic support industry, and enhance the sense of belonging and responsibility, Grace Solar held a welcome party for new employees at the headquarters on the afternoon of February 24th.

Ice-breaking game, integrate into consensus

At the beginning of the reception, each new employee gave a brief self-introduction and answered questions. A simple self-introduction can not only live up the atmosphere of the reception, but also make each other familiar and closer.

Ice-breaking game

Infinite wonderful, food first

The well-prepared table is filled with all kinds of delicious desserts, fruits, snacks, drinks and so on, and everyone can share the satisfaction brought by the food.


Practice makes good

Do not run into fantasy, do not flock into empty voice. In order to give each new employee a better understanding of the company, Grace Solar arranged new employees to visit and learn in Tongan Manufacturing Center exhibition hall, laboratory, intelligent production workshop, own industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic power station project and other places.

rooftop photovoltaic

This year, the global PV industry has entered a period of explosive development, and Grace Solar overseas market is further expanding, which provides these employees with a broad platform of the display of talent and rare opportunities for their career growth. We look forward to their rapid growth, and hopefully they will move forward together with the company to help the rapid development of photovoltaic support industry.

Seize the day and live up to the time.
Wish all new employees have fire in their hearts and light in their eyes.
Use struggle as the background color of youth, always with dreams and hopes.
Riding the wind, moving forward with the light.