30MW UHA CASE in Japan.Grace Solar helps customers achieve stable economic and environmental benefits.

Publish Time:2021-11-01 Sources:

The PV mounting system is related to the stable operation of the power plant and needs to be refined and customized according to the terrain and climate. In this regard, #Grace Solar has extensive experience.

Take the 30MW UHV case in Chiba Prefecture, Japan as an example. To build a photovoltaic power station in a 52-hectare mountain forest, it is necessary to overcome the complex terrain conditions and also consider the threat of local salt damage. #Grace Solar has designed a dual-rail solution for customers and strictly controls product quality. Before leaving the factory, they have been tested for tensile strength, salt spray, and high temperature, and have passed the certification of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. 

This project has been in safe and stable operation for a year, and has withstood the test of many strong typhoons and heavy rains during the period. The indicators are excellent and continue to be recognized by customers. The maximum annual power generation capacity of this project reaches 34 million Kwh, which can meet the daily electricity consumption of 10,000 households. #Grace Solar's solution helps customers achieve stable economic and environmental benefits.