What can PV do for biodiversity conservation?

What can PV do for biodiversity conservation?

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For a long time, the exploitation and use of fossil energy has posed a huge threat to global biodiversity. Accelerating the adjustment of the energy structure is considered to be the current cure for biodiversity. New energy, represented by solar energy, plays an important role in biodiversity protection.

At the just-concluded United Nations Conference on Biodiversity, China proposed a plan to build large-scale photovoltaic power plants in desertified areas. The construction of photovoltaic power stations in desertified areas can effectively reduce water evaporation, promote vegetation restoration, and play a role in photovoltaic sand control.

In the current photovoltaic desertification control operations, tracking system are widely used. As a mounting system manufacturer that has been deeply involved in the Solar PV industry for 12 years, Grace Solar has been committed to tracking the research and development and innovation of mounting system in order to maintain a longer and stable operation of pv power plants under extreme desert conditions.

We apply AI technology to the tracking system so that it can cope with various complex terrain and extreme weather, and is perfectly adapted to the mainstream cleaning robots on the market, achieving intelligent tracking and intelligent operation and maintenance, and can increase power generation by up to 8%. Photovoltaic sand control is a long process. The Grace Solar tracking system, which has passed TÜV, UL and other authoritative organizations certification and wind tunnel testing, will bring longer-term economic and environmental benefits.