Grace Solar photovoltaic roof brackets is powering the worldwide sustainable development of enterprises!

Publish Time:2021-11-11 Sources:

The energy crisis and the threat of climate change particularly effect the production and development for large-scale industries. Therefore, more and more companies focus on sustainable development as their long-term strategy

Recently, Grace Solar has provided a rooftop photovoltaic support solution for Ansell, which is a global medical resource supply giant. The power station is located on the roof of the Ansell factory in Malaysia, with a total installed capacity of 1.3MW. All structures have been shipped and are expected to be connected to the grid early next year. As an important part of Ansell's sustainable development plan, once completed, the power station will help to achieve energy conservation and carbon emission reduction. Meanwhile it can respond to power supply problems more effectively when energy crisis comes.

Through in-depth communication, Grace Solar designed a non-rail solution for the customer to reduce the load and pressure for the tin roof, thereby prolonging its service life. The entire project is easy to install, operate and maintain which would help customers to save costs also. At the same time, relying on industry experience, production advantages and a mature supply chain system, we have achieved stable prices and guaranteed our supply despite severe raw material supply problems.


The installation of photovoltaic roofs is becoming a standard feature of industrial and commercial plants. Grace Solar has been acknowledged and shortlisted by many internationally enterprises. We will keep to support sustainable development plan with stable and efficient industrial and commercial photovoltaic roof mounting solutions for our customers!