Determined to develop | Grace Solar appear at Germany 2024 INTERSOLAR EUROPE

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In this special season, there are two exhibitions held together. Following the successful conclusion of the Shanghai SNEC PV POWER EXPO, Grace Solar once again started its global tour. From 19 to 21 June 2024, Grace Solar will bring its flagship products to the 2024 INTERSOLAR EUROPE in Germany, competing with international famous enterprises on the same stage and quickly becoming a highlight of the exhibition. This is not only a demonstration of Grace Solar's brand influence, but also a reflection of its determination to deeply explore the global market.


High-dimensional innovation, leading the wave of photovoltaic


For overseas photovoltaic installation, people often look to Europe, and for European photovoltaic installation, people look to Germany. In the current competition in the global PV market, Germany, as the largest PV market in Europe, with a photovoltaic capacity of 81.7GW, it is far ahead in the European continent and has attracted the investment attention of many photovoltaic companies. Facing the huge market of Germany, as a pioneer in the photovoltaic industry, Grace Solar is actively deploying and exploring deeply, and is committed to riding the wind and waves in this blue ocean.


In order to seek greater breakthroughs in the German PV market, in this exhibition, Grace Solar appeared on the scene with its precisely adapted GS series photovoltaic bracket products, including the GS-Energy Roof Mounting System and the GS-Smart Ground Mounting System, fully covering the diversified application scenarios from rooftops to the ground in the German market, and instantly became the focus of the whole audience. Visitors to the exhibition stopped to watch one after another, and it attracted many potential partners to have in-depth business negotiations with Grace Solar's overseas team, and they all expressed their strong intentions for cooperation.


At the exhibition site, Grace Solar set up product display areas and simulation experience areas according to different application scenarios, bringing professional exhibition experience to domestic and foreign customers. Among them, the GS-Energy Roof Mounting System won the attention of many professional audiences with its excellent technical characteristics and wide range of application scenarios.


This system has been carefully designed and optimized. It not only has excellent adaptability and compatibility, and can adapt to various complex and changeable roof structures and environmental conditions, but also its unique hook span adjustment mechanism enables the system to flexibly respond to wind and snow load requirements in different regions. The innovative design not only improves the stability and safety of the photovoltaic system, but also further improves the overall performance of the system. And through rigorous calculations and simulations, the GS-Energy Roof Mounting System can ensure that solar panels can still operate stably under extreme weather conditions, providing investors and users with more reliable and durable energy solutions.


In addition, the exhibited GS-Smart Ground Mounting System has the characteristics of efficient installation and maintenance, which has also been well received by the exhibition visitors. Its modular design and standardized accessories make the installation process easier and faster, greatly reducing construction costs and time. At the same time, this system also has convenient maintenance interfaces and replaceable parts, making later maintenance and upkeep more convenient and faster, further reducing the user's cost of use.


During the three-day exhibition, Grace Solar gained a lot and demonstrated its corporate strength and Chinese intelligent manufacturing to global customers, further enhancing Grace Solar's visibility and competitiveness in the German and even international photovoltaic industries.


Determined to develop, deepen the production capacity layout


Grace Solar's layout in the German market was not achieved overnight. Over the years, Grace Solar has been adhering to the corporate spirit of "Innovation, Excellence, Win-win", constantly promoting technological innovation and product upgrades, and deeply laying out the German market, committed to building a service network, setting up a technical service center, and then radiating the entire German and even European sectors to provide local customers with better quality and more efficient technical support and after-sales service. It has not only improved its own core competitiveness, but also made positive contributions to the development of the photovoltaic industry in Germany and even the world.


Looking forward to the future, Grace Solar will continue to deeply explore the German market and continuously improve its industrial chain layout and service system. At the same time, Grace Solar will also strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the global photovoltaic industry to jointly promote the continued development and progress of the global photovoltaic industry. We believe that with Grace Solar’s continuous efforts, we will achieve more brilliant achievements in the photovoltaic market in Germany and even the world.