Deep Insight, Leading with Strength| Grace Solar diagnoses the German Photovoltaic Carport Field precisely

Publish Time:2024-06-24 Sources:

According to data from the Federal Network Agency, Germany's new installed capacity in the first four months of this year was about 4.9 GW, compared with about 3.71 GW in the same period last year, representing a year-on-year increase of 32%. Currently, the country's total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation is 87.6 GW. The German business newspaper Handelsblatt reports that the once-declining German photovoltaic industry is experiencing a revival, with installed capacity steadily increasing and the market atmosphere is better than ever. More and more application scenarios and solutions are attracting investors' attention, including photovoltaic carports.

grace solar carport mounting system

In response, the Wisdom Journey photovoltaic carport system, created by Grace Solar based on its 15 years of experience in foreign markets, may provide a paradigm of innovation and development for the German carport market.


So far, Grace Solar's photovoltaic carport projects have spread across European countries, Japan and the Middle East, covering schools, hospitals, factory areas, commercial areas, and other industrial and commercial facility parking lots. Leveraging deeply researched photovoltaic carport targeting technology, Grace Solar self-developed and produced aluminum alloy carport brackets and carbon steel carport brackets have both obtained European CE certification, paving a green pathway into the European market.


It is worth mentioning that based on Grace Solar's overseas layout strategy, its ground bracket system, roof bracket system, and tracking bracket system have already obtained German TUV certification, becoming a strong stepping stone for Grace Solar to enter the German photovoltaic carport field, laying a solid foundation for exploring the German market. Grace Solar is also the first Chinese photovoltaic mounting manufacturer to obtain Japan's JIS certification, setting a benchmark in the Japanese photovoltaic carport field. This effectively realizes self-production and self-use in the same scenario, accelerating the local green transformation process.



Grace Solar is always committed to providing better services to global customers with high-quality products and impeccable solutions.


In terms of material selection, Grace Solar’s photovoltaic carport system replaces the  traditional membrane structure canopy with a 100% aluminum structure, ensuring both strength and aesthetic appearance, and provides a 10-year warranty. At the same time, most structural components are lightweight and can be pre-assembled in the factory, which effectively saves the time and labor costs of on-site assembly.


In terms of structural design, Grace Solar always takes customer needs as the ultimate guide, and fully considers objective factors such as the climate conditions and market policies of the project site to tailor differentiated customized solutions for customers. For example, the waterproof carport bracket system solution launched by Grace Solar features a waterproof structure composed of vertical rails with waterproof rubber strips and horizontal rails with drainage channels, providing comprehensive protection for vehicles against rainwater erosion. Various structures such as Type II carports, double-column carports, CAR carports, and single-column carports can adapt to different application scenarios, offering diverse choices for customers.  "Photovoltaic + carport" further promotes the diversification of Grace Solar’s products and enriches its product spectrum.


Furthermore, the system is equipped with an intelligent monitoring and control system that can monitor the operating status of photovoltaic panels in real-time, ensuring system stability and safety.


In terms of service, Grace Solar always adheres to the principle of customer first. It has equipped its headquarters with a professional technical team and a complete after-sales service system, and has established subsidiaries, branches and offices in European markets such as Germany, France and Italy. aiming to provide comprehensive pre-sales consultation, in-sales installation, and after-sales maintenance services to global customers, ensuring timely and professional technical support and solutions during usage.



There is a vast blue ocean waiting to be tapped. From 2023, six federal states in Germany have decided to mandate the installation of photovoltaic modules and systems on new buildings, renovated roofs, and carport tops. According to incomplete statistics, the total area of parking lots in Germany is 47,060 hectares, with nearly 360,555 parking spaces. Based on this estimate, if it is assumed that the area where carports can be installed is 284 square kilometers, the full application of photovoltaic technology in this open space will generate an installed capacity of 59GW.


The new blueprint has been drawn, and the new journey is urging progress. In the future, as the demand for industrial and commercial c-arport markets continues to grow, the German market will inevitably need more "economic" and sustainable carport solutions. Grace Solar Energy will continue to uphold its global strategy, innovate in product and service supply, build a national brand, and create more green energy value in the German photovoltaic carport field.