China-France M&A Fund (Phase III) Officially Established | Grace Solar Precisely Targets the French Market

Publish Time:2024-05-11 Sources:

Closing Ceremony of the 6th Meeting of the China-France Entrepreneurship Committee

According to Xinhua News Agency, on 6th May local time. At the closing ceremony of the meeting of China-France Entrepreneurship Committee. ITC Holdings Group, France National Investment Bank and Kaihui Private Equity Investment Management signed a memorandum of cooperation, in which all parties agreed to jointly launch the establishment of China-France M&A Fund (Phase III).

The size of the China-France M&A Fund (Phase III) is around 2 billion euros, focus on China, France and the rest of Europe area. With the majority of the equity investment in advanced manufacturing, medical and health care and digital consumption in the field of large and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, combine with the ‘4+4+6’ modern industrial system of Xiamen City, promote foreign investment, to create new pattern of development.

The ‘4+4+6’ modern industrial system including investment on 4 main industrial pillar: electronic information, machinery and equipment, trade and logistics, and financial services. 4 strategic emerging industries: biomedicine, new materials, new energy, and cultural and tourism creativity. And 6 future industries: third-generation semiconductors, future networks, cutting-edge strategic materials, hydrogen energy and energy storage, genes and biotechnology, and deep-sea and space development.

Product 3D drawing

Taking the chance of the growing supports of policy and market trend. Grace Solar becomes a competitive company in French PV sector.

Project Plan

Grace Solar holds a global vision and is deeply engaged in international operation. At present, Grace Solar has expanded into the French market, cooperated deeply with the local well-known EPC, successfully won a 19MW ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant project. All of the PV mounts were been produced and shipped. After completion, this project is expected to generate about 20 million kWh per year, reduce nearly 19,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. That further accelerate the transformation of the local energy structure, and the development of green energy industry.

In this project, Grace Solar has developed customized solutions to meet the local environment and the need of the clients. By using the high-quality hot-dip galvanised steel, magnesium-aluminium-zinc-plated steel, hot-dip galvanised bolts, and C-shaped steel piling foundations, to guarantee the stability of the project, especially for the extreme weather like wild wind, rainstorm and heavy snow. According to the person in charge of the project, the lifespan of the mounts are up to more than 25 years, and suitable for various level of solar power stations from KW to MW.

In the future, Grace Solar will continue focusing on Long-termism. Constantly making contribution to the PV industry by offering competitive and reliable PV products.