Leading by innovation | Grace Solar’s new products shine at the Open Energies 2024

Publish Time:2024-01-24 Sources:

From January 23rd to 24th, the Open Energies 2024 was held at the European Expo Center in Lyon, France. Grace Solar has made a wonderful appearance at booth 7E21 with a new look, innovative products, and enthusiastic and professional services to talk about Europe's zero-carbon future.

At this exhibition, in response to the needs of the European solar mounting market, Grace Solar launched a fully upgraded full-scenario solution for PV mounting system on industrial and commercial roofs, medium and large ground, etc. The system is flexible and stable, and the installation is more convenient and efficient. It shined at the exhibition and caused strong onlookers.

Garnering legions of fans by promoting technological innovation

At the exhibition, Grace Solar made its debut with a series of new products and new technologies.Among them, Grace Solar's new generation GS-Energy — BAPV system solutions cover flat roof and pitched roof system products, and has attracted fans with its outstanding performance. The newly developed - BM4 ballast bracket system has good flexibility and is suitable for flat roofs with certain angle requirements. It has strong compatibility and does not damage the roof structure. It is more convenient to install and accurately adapts to European architectural characteristics and market needs. It is a pioneering roof system product that leads to reduces photovoltaic costs and increases efficiency.

In addition, Grace Solar's newly upgraded GS-Smart — Ground Mounting System Solution is also a highlight. It adopts all aluminum alloy technology and has the characteristics of excellent structure, stability and solidity, and high appearance.It can be flexibly adapted to various applications. It can be flexibly adapted to various sloping grounds and hillsides, and has better environmental adaptability. It is favored and welcomed by the majority of merchants, and its popularity far exceeds expectations.

Ten years of hard work to deepen the European photovoltaic market

France is the fifth largest solar market in Europe and has broad prospects for photovoltaic market development. In order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, the French government has introduced a series of policies in recent years to encourage the development of the photovoltaic industry, creating favorable conditions for the development of distributed photovoltaics in French industry and commerce.

Grace Solar has been deeply involved in the European market for more than ten years, and has always been committed to R&D and innovation in the field of photovoltaic brackets. With innovative technology and pioneering strength, Grace Solar has continuously improved its products, and has achieved its extraordinary brand strength with stable operation performance and high-quality services.

Currently, Grace Solar's products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Among them, rooftop solar brackets and ground solar brackets have medium and large-scale cases and rich practical experience in Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and other European places. It is trusted and praised by local customers, providing strong support for promoting Europe's new energy transformation.

In the future, Grace Solar will rely on its mature technology and innovative products to provide customers with safe, reliable, efficient and high-quality PV mounting solutions, and create a strong "engine" for energy conservation and emission reduction in Europe.