Warm winter gathering, running for love | Grace Solar Winter Tea Party was successfully held

Publish Time:2023-11-22 Sources:
Winter has arrived, and the chill is gradually setting in. Grace Solar recently hosted a lively Winter Tea Party. Multiple activities took place in an orderly manner, bringing together the GS family to engage in heartwarming conversations, consolidate strengths, and embark on a shared journey towards the future of photostatic.
Bubble tea, pizza, cake, fried chicken... At the Grace Solar Winter Tea Party, a variety of delicious food enriched the palate.
We shared the joy of delicious treats, engaged in relaxed conversations with colleagues in a pleasant atmosphere, boosted spirits, and collectively created an unforgettable afternoon memory. Amidst joyful laughter and conversation, the Tea Party concluded on a high note, fostering communication and uniting the team with a positive spirit.  

The prologue of this story began with a silent but mutual choice. United by a common passion, we gathered in the big family of Grace Solar, pouring our enthusiasm and sweat into the ongoing surge towards a future where GS contributes to thousands of households and collectively embraces the future of photovoltaics.

As we move forward, we will not forget our initial aspirations. Each of us will continue to shine in our respective positions, contributing to the construction of a world powered by green energy.

PS: Grace Solar Talent Recruitment 
Grace Solar extends a sincere invitation and is actively recruiting a Overseas Sales Director (15-20K), searching for outstanding individuals in the crowd.

We need you to:
1.Assist the chairman in formulating the company's development strategy and guiding the direction of market expansion, participating in major decision-making.
2.Develop and implement a comprehensive sales plan, actively expand the company's business, and establish good cooperation with customers.
3.Be responsible for building the sales team.
4.Lead negotiations and signing of major marketing contracts for the company.

We need you to have:
1.Bachelor's degree or above, professional and fluent in spoken and written English or Japanese, capable of conducting business negotiations with overseas customers.
2.More than 5 years of experience in foreign trade sales, with over 2 years of team management experience. Familiarity with various foreign trade channels, especially those with experience in the photovoltaic mounting systems industry, is preferred.
3.Strong ability to develop large customers in overseas markets, excellent marketing skills, and business negotiation abilities.

Interested individuals can contact Manager Chen at 19859276121. More positions can be found by searching Grace Solar on major recruitment platforms.