When parking lot is equipped with solar system, it is cool for the new energy vehicle!

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The weather is hot, and the new energy vehicle market is also hot. In July this year, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was 780,000, a year-on-year increase of 31.6%.

With the booming of the new energy vehicle industry, its demand for supporting infrastructure is also increasing. A major problem facing the development of the new energy vehicle industry is the charging of new energy vehicles. How to continuously supply energy for new energy vehicles on the basis of saving costs and improving efficiency?

PV carport

In this regard, Grace Solar's "photovoltaic carport" provides a solution.
Solar carport, as the name suggests, combines photovoltaic technology with ordinary carports. While satisfied the basic needs of parking, it can also convert sunlight into electrical energy, giving new scenarios for photovoltaic power generation. With the development of the new energy automobile industry, the photovoltaic carport system has also been continuously upgraded and innovated. The "photovoltaic + carport + energy storage + charging pile" integrated light-storage-charge carport has become the general trend of the photovoltaic carport industry. The new energy vehicle + solar storage and charging integrated carport can truly realize the self-production and self-use of new energy in the same scene, reduce the loss in energy transportation, and greatly improve the efficiency of new energy use.

Grace Solar focuses on technology and actively develops in the field of photovoltaic carports. It has launched the GS- PV carport support system, which has received enthusiastic response in overseas markets.

GS-PV Carport Support System is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and at the same time meets the multiple needs of customers for safety, installation convenience and aesthetics, and can provide 10 years of quality assurance. In consideration of saving space, the photovoltaic carports of the Grace Solar series adopt a special structural design, which allows two cars to be combined freely as a unit to further improve space utilization.

GS-PV carport support system has obtained the Japanese JIS authoritative standard certification, and Grace Solar is the first support enterprise in China to pass this certification. The acquisition of this certification is an authoritative recognition of the safety and reliability of Grace Solar's solar carport, and further boosts the competitiveness of Grace Solar's photovoltaic carport in the international market. At present, the carports have been widely used in Japan, the Middle East, and many European countries. The project technology is mature and there are many global cases.

At the same time, Grace Solar's photovoltaic carport caters to market demand and continues to carry out technological innovation. To meet the customized needs of different customers.

Promoting the application and construction of photovoltaic carports is an important measure to promote the development of new energy vehicles from "low-carbon" to "zero-carbon", which can further promote the use of clean energy in society and approach the era of real zero-carbon travel.

Under the background of accelerating carbon reduction and realizing carbon neutrality, as the world's leading intelligent manufacturer of photovoltaic brackets, Grace Solar will continue to conduct scientific and technological research, improve service levels, and provide more efficient clean energy charging solutions for new energy vehicles to help Global energy green and low-carbon business development.

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