Agricultural Photovoltaic | Grace Solar helps the sustainable development and construction of 100MW agri-solar complementary project in Japan

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Recently, in Ukushima, Japan, Grace Solar contributes to the construction of 100MW agri-solar complementary project, the supply of Fixed Mounting System- Farm Mounting system has been successfully completed. The project has stable operation in the experimental stage and get good feedback. The project is one of the largest agri-solar complementary projects locally, effectively using solar energy resources and taking into account agricultural production, to achieve the common development of clean energy and green agriculture.

Continuous innovation, agriculture and energy sharing
The Japanese government is now vigorously developing and supporting the development of agricultural photovoltaic, based on the requirements of agricultural production should be maintained at more than 80% of the average output, the technical requirements of the agri-solar complementary project design are more stringent. Grace Solar has been deeply engaged in the Japanese photovoltaic market for 14 years, and has a leading position in the construction of large-scale photovoltaic projects in Japan, with rich project experience and continuous technological innovation.

This project is a typical case of the agri-solar complementary projec of Grace Solar in Japan. The R & D team combined the terrain characteristics of  Ukushima and the humid and windy climate environment, selected high-strength aluminum alloy material, designed a multi-functional rotary joint at the head of the column, which can be tilted to the east, west, south and north, and designed an open slot with a beam, through which each node is fixed, which is flexible and lightweight in design. Improve installation efficiency and greatly reduce costs.

In addition, the safety construction of large-scale photovoltaic projects is also the focus of technical considerations. In order to ensure the safe construction of installers, Grace Solar R & D team uses the bottom frame fixing method to fix the modules. It’s convenient to install the solar panels, and the construction personnel can complete the installation at the bottom of the solar panel. Grace Solar has been highly praised and trusted by customers for its innovative design and quality service in this project.

Much more spots to empower green agriculture

Over the years, Grace Solar performa well in the field of agricultural photovoltaic projects. In many islands in the Caribbean, there are fields full of sugar cane; vineyards in France; fragrant melons, fruits and vegetables in Japan Prefecture; in tropical Southeast Asian countries and other places, Grace Solar’s farm shed supports are standing. It helps the sustainable development of local green agriculture, realizes the benign interaction between energy and agriculture, and maximizes the use value of land.

Agri-Solar Complementary, the future is promising
Global agricultural photovoltaic is gradually becoming an important force in the agricultural field. In Japan, the land available for photovoltaic installation is limited, and solar sharing is considered a promising photovoltaic application. Studies have shown that 1% of Japan's farmland can achieve an installed capacity of about 30GW of photovoltaic power generation by using the agricultural light complementary system. A European research report predicts that Europe has the potential to deploy 51TW (51000GW) agricultural photovoltaic power generation.

"Green energy, green agriculture, green economy", in the future, Grace Solar will seize the opportunity of agricultural photovoltaic transformation.Continue to focus on the innovation and upgrading of agricultural photovoltaic bracket system solutions, provide customers around the world with safer and more efficient agricultural photovoltaic ground mounting structure solutions, and contribute to the development of global green agriculture.
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