All-Energy Australia2022 |GraceSolarlatest rooftop and ground PV mounting solutions shine at the exhibition

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From October 26 to 27, All-Energy Australia 2022, Australia's largest professional international energy exhibition, was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition was attended by more than 300 suppliers and nearly 10,000 industry participants. Grace Solar selected the latest rooftop and ground solar mounting solutions to show on the scene, attracting much attention.

ground solar mounting solutions

At the scene of the exhibition, Grace Solar combined with local market conditions in Australia, showing many rooftop and ground PV mounting products, different with the traditional photovoltaic products.The new products have a stronger adaptability and stability. And due to the high labor costs in Australia areas, Grace Solar optimized and upgraded the mounting structures, at the same time,Grace Solar willpre-assemble the products before delivery, which can significantly reduce the project installation cost and maximize the ROI.

ground PV mounting

It is worth mentioning that in view of the demand of the Australian photovoltaic market, we exhibited the black aluminum alloy products which are more matched with the local rooftop, which can be integrated perfectly and more in line with the aesthetic needs of customers. These kinds of products are very popular with installersat the exhibition site.

On the display of rooftop and ground photovoltaic mounting products and photovoltaic market information, the professional marketing consultants of Grace Solar communicated and discussed with the visitors earnestly and warmly.The professional interpretation of the products and services not only made the new and old customers more confident, but also made some new customers very willing to launch a deeper cooperative relationship with Grace Solar.

photovoltaic bracket

As one of the first China’s photovoltaic bracket enterprisesto enter the Australian market, Grace Solar has 12 years of accumulation in the Australian market. With continuous technological innovation, high quality products, global sales and service network, Grace Solar is quite popular and hasdepth of the long-term cooperation partnership with many Australian local companies. In the future, Grace Solar will maintain its original aspiration and have the confidence to continue to shine in the Australian photovoltaic marketwith years of product technology and practical case experience!