More than progress | Grace Solar's photovoltaic tracking system has won a new patent again, and the technology upgrade has accelerated

Publish Time:2022-07-28 Sources:

In recent years, the global market share of tracking brackets has been increasing. According to the IHS Markit report, the global tracking bracket shipments will be 51GW in 2021, and the global tracking installations are expected to exceed 660GW in 2022-2030, accounting for more than 40% of global ground photovoltaic power plants. Tracking brackets have prominent advantages in the market, and the technical requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Power station owners are more cautious about the selection of tracking mounting structure.

As early as 2015, Grace solar established the Intelligent Tracking System Division. The company has always focused on product research and development and technological innovation. With its technical advantages and quality certification, it has been widely recognized in the photovoltaic market in China and abroad.

Recently, Grace Solar GS-Intelligent Tracking System has obtained a new patent again. The inventor Wang said: The ingenuity lies in the use of aluminum alloy H-shaped card slots to realize the vertical installation of the purlin and the main shaft to prevent the purlin from rotating; Secondly The bottom hoop is further limited by carbon steel U-shaped grooves. This design can prevent the purlin from turning left and right during the installation process, ensure the installation relationship between the purlin and the spindle, and improve installation efficiency and safety and stability.

At present, Grace Solar GS- Intelligent Tracking System Series has launched solutions such as Multi-point drive, Double row linkage, Independent single row 1P and 2P, etc. The system has AI intelligent control, extreme weather protection strategies such as snow, hail, etc. It adapts to the efficient performance of 210mm large components, and can be applied to different scenes such as complex terrain and flat ground, especially in power plant projects with high civil engineering costs. It is worth mentioning that the system is continuously optimized and improved in combination with wind tunnel test, and the Intelligent Tracking System series is upgraded and iterated, which improves the safety and reliability of the tracking bracket to the greatest extent. Thanks to the patent, the system solution has better BOS cost and stronger flexibility and practicability.

As one of the 14 mainstream tracking bracket brands in the world, Grace Solar has exerted great advantages in excellent matching and intelligent matching components at present. With its safe and reliable product features and meticulous service quality, GS-Intelligent Tracking System series products have been running stably in many countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for many years, and are highly favored. Continuously, Grace Solar can actively focus on technological innovation, service professionalism, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, enhance the competitiveness of brand products in multiple aspects, create greater value for global customers, help accelerate the development of global renewable energy, and contribute to the realization of zero carbon.