Top Solar Rooftop Mounting|GraceSolar 2.45MW Rooftop Project in Singapore has been Successfully Connected to the Grid

Publish Time:2022-05-20 Sources:

Singapore enjoys abundant sunshine, with annual sunshine of more than 1460kwh/m2. It has unique natural conditions to develop photovoltaic renewable clean energy industry. The development of photovoltaic in Singapore is mainly focused on industrial and commercial  rooftopS, but now there is no condition for large-scale development, mainly because of the limited roof space, changeableclimate and other factors.Therefore, Singapore still faces many challenges in energy upgrading.

The 2.45MW rooftop project in Singapore, which GraceSolar provided the solar mounting structure, has been successfully connected to the grid recently.Through the evaluation of the local maximum wind speed and other geographical conditions, GraceSolarengineers adopted rail-less rooftop solution and lifted the rails with mini clamps to realize photovoltaic power stationoverall cost optimization under the premise of ensuring the safe, continuous and stable operation.

In order to meet the market demand of various regions, GraceSolar has launched a series of rooftop mounting systems, more than 10 kinds of products, like GS flat roof system, pitched roof system, can adapt to various roof types and be flexibly customized according to customers’ requirements.

In recent years, GraceSolar has been deeply engaged in overseas photovoltaic business, and the southeast Asian market is the service center. Relying on long-term efficient service capabilities and rich projects experience, GraceSolar has became one of the most important solar mounting system suppliers of local photovoltaic enterprises in Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries. In the future, GraceSolar will continue to make efforts for the development of photovoltaic clear energy in Southeast Asia and contribute to the development of renewable energy in all regions.