Win-win Green Energy| Highly AcclaimedGraceSolar "PV + Agriculture" Development Pattern

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At present, the "photovoltaic + agriculture" production and operation mode is popular. The "photovoltaic + agriculture" production and operation mode can not only reduce agricultural energy consumption, protect the ecological environment and improve the utilization rate of land, but also promote farmers to increase their income and get rich, realizing the superposition effect of "1+1 > 2". 

As early as 2020, there were more than 14 GW of agricultural PV power plants installed worldwide and China wasin a leadingwayamong them, according to Fraunhofer ISE.But in Europe, agricultural PV is also being taken seriously.  Germany has launched an innovation tender to promote the technology, France has established the world's first association dedicated to promoting agricultural photovoltaics, and Italy has pledged 1.1 billion euros to promote agricultural photovoltaics.

Therefore, technological innovation is very important for the market promotion of photovoltaic agriculture. Photovoltaic agriculture first needs to address the need oflightfor the crops. In traditional photovoltaic power plants, the height of photovoltaic brackets and spacing of modules limit crop types and mechanized agriculture, resulting in low agricultural production efficiency.

GraceSolar GS farm mounting system is made of all-aluminum alloy structures, which can be extended and connected indefinitely. The maximum design span of the farm mounting system can reach 6m, which is convenient for the operation of large agricultural machinery. According to the project conditions, the R&D team will design a flexible arrangement scheme that can respond to the light transmission conditions of different crops through careful calculation, to meet the demand for crop sunlight, ensuring the crop yield without affecting the power generation of the plant.

It is worth mentioning that GraceSolar has a lot of successful cases and mature experience in the Japanese photovoltaic agricultural market. According to the local climate and light conditions in Japan, soil conditions, and different crop light requirements, the design team designed a PV farm mounting system with strong structures, simple to install and easy to disassemble. It provides a double income for local agricultural production in Japan, to attract more people into refined agriculture and enter the green era of a photovoltaic symbiosis of modern agriculture.

Under the background of carbon neutrality being promoted in full swing all over the world, agricultural photovoltaics will also usher in a new era of explosive growth. GraceSolar also strengthens the research and development of the innovative design of the agricultural photovoltaic mounting system, to protect the rights and interests of customers. As of today, GraceSolar ranks among the top in the global agricultural PV bracket shipments and has been praised and affirmed by customers at home and abroad. In the future, GraceSolar will keep the original intention and create a new energy era together with everyone.