Case study :Helping water plant in sustainable development with GS-Solar mounting solution

Publish Time:2022-03-25 Sources:garcesolar
Is there any way to to offset the energy consumption of water plants?  Distributed photovoltaics !become a good answer to lowering the energy bill and GraceSolar As a "trusted photovoltaic bracket brand"  to help.

Take a look at this project in Taiwan,China. The solar mounting system is provided by GraceSolar. In this case, GraceSolar has customized a high-corrosion product protect solution, using special anti-corrosion coating technology so that the surface treatment thickness of the substrate can meet the highest level of anti-corrosion requirements, and it has been tested by a TAF-approved testing laboratory report. Parallel needles design suitable arrangement to achieve higher wind and earthquake resistance.

Meanwhile we help the client make resonable of the idle scpace.We designed a safer and more efficient layout plan to achieve a stable green supply,relieve the power consumption pressure and save the electricity costs.

Now,GraceSolar has a total of 4 distributed photovoltaic projects in water plants under construction in Taiwan, with a total of 10MW.