GraceSolar offers Philippine Business Giant the “Art of Sunshine on the Roof "

Publish Time:2022-12-20 Sources:

Recently, the construction of a total of 4.5MW of rooftop distributed photovoltaic plants for three shopping malls of the Philippine commercial giant SM Group, located in the Philippines, is nearing completion, with Grace Solar as the exclusive PV mounting provider for the project. SM Group is one of the largest shopping centre operators in Asia, with businesses in retail, shopping centre, banking and finance, property development, hotels and MICE. The successful cooperation between SM Group, as a commercial giant, and GraceSolar, as a leading PV mounting manufacturer, not only helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shopping centre and improve energy efficiency, but also provides a firm foundation for GraceSolar to continue to expand into the large commercial and industrial distributed rooftop PV market. 

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With complex rooftop distributed PV scenarios and varying light resources, it is particularly important to match distributed PV solutions to different scenarios. The GS-BAPV system solution selected for this shopping centre roof project - the roof mounting system (ballast mounting) - is a new generation of commercial and industrial roof ballast mounting solution, which is based on the actual needs of the customer, combined with the environmental conditions of the project site, and incorporates outstanding technical advantages and successful case experience, and has six excellent properties: safety, reliability, economy, applicability, convenience and aesthetics. 

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In fact, the high wind speed in the Philippines requires high ballast stability of the roof, so the technical team upgraded and optimised the design to reduce the weight of the concrete piers and effectively fix the bracket system. Throughout the project, GraceSolar not only completed the supply of products quickly, but also arranged for a professional technical team to visit the construction site for service guidance, helping advance the project efficiently. 

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In a statement, Hans T. Sy, President of SM Philippines, said, "SM Group is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its malls and maximising energy efficiency." Energy saving and green power generation through roof-mounted distributed photovoltaic is a new form of energy use that is being promoted in every industry in every country. As a leading solar mounting manufacturer, GraceSolar continues to provide high-quality solutions for industrial and commercial distributed PV mounting in terms of economic efficiency and environmental friendliness, continues to launch customized industry-specific zero-carbon solutions, builds a zero-carbon ecology for all industries, and joins hands with more industrial and commercial enterprises to accelerate their embrace of the "new era of zero carbon" with more innovative products and more precise services. "