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Solution Intro

Grace Solar carport mounting system is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which meets the safety, installation convenience and beauty of customers' needs. In addition, the Grace Solar series adopts special structural design, which can take two cars as a unit and combine them freely to save space to the greatest extent. It provides a 10-year quality guarantee.


  • Beautiful outlook
  • Versatility
  • Green and low-carbon
  • Cost- effective
  • Long-term benefits


It is applicable to all power plant projects

Technical Specs

Technical Information
Installation site Ground Module Specification

High-strength aluminum alloy &A2-70

Corrosion resistance treatment Anodic oxidation
Maximum snow cover


Maximum wind speed

Ground screw foundation

Quality Assurance
10-year quality guarantee

· Unique waterproof structure with good waterproof effect;
· Simple structure, few parts and low installation cost;
· All-aluminum alloy solution, beautiful appearance.

· Beautiful outlook

PV modules replace the membrane structure steel roof of the traditional carport, adding a beautiful scenery.

· Versatility

Prevent the car from being exposed to the sun and rain, provide green power for new energy vehicles to charge, and provide electricity for enterprises, etc.

· Green and low-carbon
Use high-rise solar energy, no emissions, no noise, no pollution, green and environmentally friendly.

· Cost-effective
Spontaneously use surplus electricity to surf the Internet, long-term use is cost-effective.

· Long-term benefits
The photovoltaic carport system will continue to generate electricity for 25 years. After the cost is recovered, you can enjoy the pure revenue of the PV carport.

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