Unstoppable丨Grace Solar provides super "support" for large-scale ground mounting photovoltaic power plant in Italy.

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Recently, Grace Solar has supplied many large carbon steel ground photovoltaic power plants in Italy at the same time! Grace Solar has been deeply involved in the Italian photovoltaic market for many years, and has established branches in Italy, as well as a sound marketing service system, and maintained a stable and trusted partnership with local customers for a long time. This time, Mounting product demand for the multiple carbon steel ground photovoltaic power plants signed by customer in the same period, which will be completed and connected to the grid in the first quarter of 2023.

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In the follow-up phase of these projects, Grace Solar carried out all-round communication and negotiation with Italian customers from business to technology, keep up with customer needs, active guidance, designed various project cooperation plans, strictly controlled possible risk points and propose feasible solutions. In the process of communication, Grace Solar provide professional and careful service attitude, excellent photovoltaic support design solution in line with European standards. The company's strong technical strength have won the high appreciation and trust from customers.

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In order to ensure the smooth progress of the carbon steel ground projects of customers, the company’s R&D center specially customized the ground carbon steel mounting system with high strength, high corrosion resistance, high installation efficiency, strong adaptability and outstanding mechanical properties according to requirements of customers, so as to meet the use environment of the project. It is worth mentioning that Grace Solar Manufacturing Center took the lead in introducing the fully automatic production line of carbon steel series for photovoltaic bracket products, which greatly improving the production efficiency, shortening the product supply cycle, calmly handling the supply of multiple carbon steel ground photovoltaic brackets in the same period, and completing the project supply with high quality on time .

According to the data of Italian state-owned energy operator GSE, in the first three quarters of 2022, the Pv installation in Italy increase to nearly 1.611GW, including 322MW large-scale ground PV plants. GSE said that by the end of September, Italy's photovoltaic installation had been nearly twice the overall new installation in 2021. In 2022, Grace Solar has supplied a lot of carbon steel mounting structures to the projects in the European such as Bosnia, Norway, France, Sweden, Germany and other countries, the market sharing in the European has steadily increased! Facing the blowout growth of overseas solar, Grace Solar will continue to adhere to the innovative development concept, promote the continuous iterative upgrading of technology and products, supply high-quality PV mounting structures to the PV market, and help maximize the benefits of photovoltaic power stations.