Grace Solar has successfully completed a new 55MW large-scale mountain PV power plant project in Japan!

Publish Time:2022-10-13 Sources:
Rely on global energy transition trend and Japanese government renewable energy subsidies policy, Japanese PV industry has growing rapidly with booming demand for PV installation. As one of the main suppliers of PV mounting system in Japan, Grace Solar took the lead into Japan market in 2009, participated almost 80% Japan prefectures' solar power plant projects construction. Recently, Grace Solar has successfully completed a new 55MW large-scale mountain PV power plant project in Japan.
PV mounting system
Client says, "The large-scale ground power plant project required extreme high standards. The complexity of site environment, the difficulty of construction, and complicated acceptance of the process, these all means extremely high requirements for suppliers' products and service levels. Grace Solar does nailed this project with their years of professional mounting design experience and high quality product for this project. They have ensure the smooth progress of the project.”

Reasonable planning - efficient design and stable result
The terrain of the project undulates terribly, which puts forward extremely high requirements on supporting ability of the bracket. After careful analysis of the soil and climatic conditions of the project site, Grace Solar R&D team proposed the impact pile foundation and CT foundation plan to increase the contact area between rigid support and ground to increasing the tensile resistance of the rigid support. The effort was highly recognized by client.
Strict selection - reduced costs and increased efficiency
The large-scale ground power plant required a wider space. Considering the needs of client for the price performance target, Grace Solar has divided the project into multiple sections and proposed more than 20 different designs with different materials and anticorrosive process based on the specific conditions such as the stress on mountain slopes. Grace Solar has effectively reduced about 20% cost without compromised the stability of the project.
Once the project is connected to the grid, it is expected to produce 59,010 MWh of renewable energy every year, equivalent to the annual power generation of about 19,800 ordinary households, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 31,482 tons. It also will effectively improving the local energy distribution.

Grace Solar has come a long way since the first day to the Japanese PV market, which now is deeply trusted and recognized by clients. It has cooperated with several well-known local EPCs for more than 10 years and established a long-term cooperative relationship. In the near future, Grace Solar will continue to work with Japanese PV market and the rest of the world with its leading technology and service to build up a world with sustainability renewable energy!