Celebrations for the 20st National Congress of the CPC|GraceSolar has striven forward in the past ten years to draw a new picture of photovoltaic green energy

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Photovoltaic new energy, building a new era
Thousands of lights, enjoy the beauty
From 2012 to 2022
GraceSolar has striven forward to promote the development of the global green PV industry
Demonstrates the responsibility of Chinese brands

GraceSolar celebrates the 20st National Congress of the CPC


The sales volume in the first three quarters of the European, American and Asia-Pacific markets has exceeded the annual sales of the previous year. We have participated in the construction of solar power plant projects in Japan successively, covering 80% of the Perfektuuri.
Photovoltaic + carport, farm mounting system and other series have prominent advantages in market segments andis highly favored.
Technological iterative upgrades are accelerated and the introduction of international advanced carbon steel series of photovoltaic mounting products automatic production line have fully improve the production base automation, intelligent, digital level.
We have won the honor of influential photovoltaic bracket brand for five consecutive years.

Brand upgrade, renamed GraceSolar, technology empowers brands, strength to boost enterprise upgrade.
The integration of AI artificial intelligence, energy storage, energy Internet and other new generation of information technology, GS solar tracking, BIPV, storage and charging integrated carport and other system solutions lead the way in industry sustainability.
The aluminum carport has passed the most authoritative JIS certification in Japan and become the first photovoltaic mounting system enterprise in China to pass the certification.

Global market share ranked top five, the cumulative installed capacity reaches 33GW.
Global cooperation has grown steadily, we have set up service centers in 5 continents, including Tokyo in Japan, Bangkok in Thailand, Mexico City, Dubai in Dubai, Rome in Italy and Sydney in Australia.
ObtainedExecutive Director Unit of Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association, Director unit of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, influential PV mounting system brand and other domestic and foreign honors.
Set up a key laboratory, tracking system passed the Wind Tunnel Test of the authoritative organization.

Hundreds of ultra-high projects have been successfully installed in more than 100 countries and regions including Japan, the United States, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The manufacturing center moved to Tongxiang High-tech Industrial Park, which has the largest PV mounting production base in Xiamen, with a construction area of 60000 square meters and an annual capacity of 10GW. It has 15 independent research and development design production lines, and more than 50 sets of production equipment.

Theheadquarters moved to Jinlin Yunxi Business District in cross-strait financial center, and the R&D team has more than 50 person.

The floating mounting systemdivision was established, and the production line of blowing machine was introduced into the manufacturing center, which greatly increased the production capacity of floating products.

Intelligent tracking division was established, which boosted the iterative upgrade of "scaffold manufacturing" and "scaffold intelligent manufacturing", with more than 100 patents, it fills multiple industry gaps.

Increase globalization, enter Europe, Americas, Middle East and Africa photovoltaic markets.
Passed UL, TUV, MCS and other international authority certifications.

Products obtained Japanese patent. Approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
The aluminum solar mounting structure export volume ranked first in Japan.

The market share of Australian PV mounting system exceeded 50%, and the export volume ranked first in the Australian market.
The new generation GS series products came into the market, and GS-ground, roof and other system solutions were widely praised.