Project | Converting abandoned golf courses into a 2.6MW solar plant !

Publish Time:2022-02-17 Sources:

The number of golf courses closed since the bubble economy of the last century has increased sharply, but this has provided a large amount of idle resources for the construction of large-scale solar power plants in Japan. Plans to build giant solar on golf courses have begun since the feed-in tariff policy was launched.

2.6MW solar ground mouting system provided by GraceSolar

Converting abandoned golf courses into solar  plants has become a new model for solar energy development. This 2.6MW project in Nagano ,Japan was transformed from a golf course. The double-column piling solution provided by GraceSolar can be well adapted to the slope terrain of the mountain, and at the same time can effectively reduce the material cost and construction time, so that the mountain of the golf course has been efficiently utilized to achieve sustainable development!