Tracking system with wireless networks is the future

Publish Time:2021-12-07 Sources:garcesolar

The increase in power generation of photovoltaic power plants is inseparable from the design and later operation and maintenance of the mounting system.Unfortunately,Large-scale solar power plants are becoming more and more vulnerable to extreme weather : storms, temperature and precipitation continue to grow unpredictably.This puts arrays at risk of decreased output or being knocked offline completely, creating penalty payments for O&M.

Wireless networks is the key to solve this problem.It can provide cost-effective, scalable and reliable connectivity for solar projects.Actually, deployed wireless project examples showed up to 75% cost reduction when expanding existing wired communication networks in installed PV plants with wireless vs. more wired communication infrastructure.


Typically, in the case of wired communication infrastructure, a technician would have to go out into the field and either repair or replace the equipment.But if you chooes the system with wireless networks such as GS tracking system by Grace Solar,Operators could then work in the background from the remote control center to get the sensor back up and running without causing a disruption of service.


Wireless communication networks have the ability to scale connectivity, extend the lifetime of assets and save power companies significant OPEX costs over the lifetime of the solar project.