The PV Carport Bracket

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With the development of new energy, electric vehicles have gradually replaced traditional fuel vehicles. As one of the most convenient ways of BIPV , PV carports have become more and more popular in recent years. Not only does it provide parking and shading insulation for cars, but it also charges electric vehicles. The construction of PV carports in factory parks, commercial areas, hospitals, schools and houses has gradually been welcomed by clients and enterprises, and has broad prospects for development.

The Components of PV Carport

The main components of the PV Carport are PV panels, solar brackets, inverters and charging device systems.

The Classifications of PV Carports

In addition, the carport can also be divided into Normal Carport and Waterproof Carport according to the functions. Meanwhile, clients can also divide the types of Solar Carports into Single Parking Spaces, Double Parking Spaces, and Multi-parking Space Carports according to parking space requirements and cost saving. Most of the PV carports are of modular design, which can be used alone or in combination, with high pre-installation and easy expansion, ranging from a few parking spaces to hundreds of parking spaces, with strong flexibility.

Examples of Some Solar Carports
  • AL Carport with Double Vs
  • AL Waterproof Carport with Double Vs
  • Carbon Steel Carport with Double/Supports Double Directions
  • Carbon Steel Waterproof Carport with/Single Support Single Direction

The Advantages of Solar Carport

(1). As a parking shed, solar carports protect the vehicles from rain and sunlight.
(2). Power generation independently, solar carports can charge electric vehicles, no waste disposal costs, no environmental pollution.
(3). Safe and reliable, using high-strength steel or AL 6005-T5 and SS304 material.
(4). Smart installation, modular design, high pre-installation, saving labor installation cost.

(5). Perfect appearance, low overall maintenance cost and long service life.

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