How to choose a good bracket to ensure the safety of photovoltaic power plants

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Recently, continuous heavy rains have occurred in many provinces in southern my country. Severe storms have damaged many outdoor facilities and equipment, and photovoltaic power plants that are also outdoors are also facing the test of violent storms. The frequent occurrence of photovoltaic power plant accidents due to extreme weather has gradually aroused people's attention to the safety of photovoltaic power plants.

In the construction process of photovoltaic power plants, how should we choose suitable solar mount system products to better ensure the safety of photovoltaic power plants? The editor lists several main aspects here and discusses them with colleagues in the industry.

solar mount system

Material selection
The selection of solar mount is fundamental, and only high-quality materials can ensure the strength and stability of the stents. The most common materials now include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, magnesium-aluminum-zinc plating, etc. At the same time, different surface treatment methods will be adopted to obtain corresponding corrosion resistance and increase the overall service life of photovoltaic power plants.

Installation and fixing method

In different application scenarios, solar mounting have different installation and fixing methods. For example, ground solar mount systems include cement pile foundations, prefabricated pile foundations, spiral ground piles, hammered ground piles and other fixing methods. The floating solar mount system adopts the combination of anchoring and floating. The roof solar mount system adopts different fixing methods according to the type of roof. Regardless of the application scenario, the photovoltaic system must be scientifically integrated with the environment according to the characteristics of the installation site to ensure that the system has sufficient strength and stability.

structural design
Excellent structural design can ensure the strength and stability of the photovoltaic system, which can withstand wind, snow loads and other external effects. Through scientific structural design, the system has high tensile strength, high plasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance, so that the structure has a strong ability to resist external environmental changes.

The photovoltaic power station should be stable, and the photovoltaic support is very important.