Grace Solar PV Mounting System, Keeping Top 1 Market Share in Japan for Years

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In order to achieve carbon neutrality, Japan's Ministry of Environment and Trade recently set a new solar energy target: to reach 108GW of solar installed capacity by 2030. In recent years, the Japanese government has successively introduced incentive plans to increase solar power generation through measures such as building photovoltaic power stations and installing rooftop distributed photovoltaics. In this context, photovoltaic power plants have sprung up in various parts of Japan, and Grace Solar PV mounting structures can be seen in many of these projects. Grace Solar has maintained its top 1 market share in Japan for many years.

UHV Projects







The climate in Japan is changeable and the geological conditions are complex. Grace Solar can overcome the difficulties of geological conditions and design “eco-friendly” power station solutions without destroying the original vegetation and mountain structure, taking both economic and environmental benefits into consideration.

PV Carport

Grace Solar's side-by-side solar carports can be freely combined to efficiently use home space and are widely acclaimed in the Japanese market.

In addition, we and Aizu University jointly developed the world's first AI solar carport experiment successfully and put it into production.

PV Farm

In Japan, where arable land resources are scarce, Grace Solar’s photovoltaic farms help effectively alleviate the contradiction between man and land, promote sustainable social and economic development, and increase agricultural production and income.

GS-Power Floating Mounting System

Grace Solar’s floating mounting system not only has a general solution that meets the complementarity of fishing and electricity production, but also can provide customized solutions according to the actual needs of customers. In the solution provided for closed schools in Japan, we make full use of the pool's idle time of up to 10 months to build a water photovoltaic power generation system. It not only improves the utilization rate of the swimming pool, but also guarantees the power supply in the event of a disaster, achieving two goals with one stone.

 Grace Solar's various photovoltaic power station projects have spread across more than 30 prefectures in Japan. Passed many tests in the Japanese market, which is famous for its harshness, and won the trust and recognition of customers.


At present, all regions are striving to achieve the goal of "decarbonization" in the construction of renewable energy. As the main force, solar energy will play an important role in it. As an intelligent manufacturer of photovoltaic mounting system that has been deeply involved in the industry for more than 10 years, it has been a long time for the global "decarbonization business".