On March 20, the solar eclipse European solar power stations would cut production

Publish Time:2015-03-17 Sources:Grasol

According to foreign media reports, for the first time in 2015 solar eclipse will appear in the March 20th, might be in Europe solar pressure and challenge.

this Eclipse is known as the "vernal equinox eclipse", which covers only part of the north Atlantic area, total eclipse of the sun and the faroe islands and svalbard.Is very fresh, Germany and the European central region can be observed in about 80% of the partial eclipse.When a solar eclipse will affect solar power production?When solar power stations generating capacity in a certain time, other time must compensate, so in the presence of an eclipse will bring challenges to solar power.

Current Germany has solar power technology, leading German solar power accounted for nearly 7% annual output, in sunny hours, solar panels will play a maximum effect, solar power can be satisfied with 50% of the power demand in Germany.

The pearl will (utilities) is a software company, collect data for electric power and gas company to improve customer experience, the company last week issued a report of the data, points out the effects of partial solar eclipse in the western United States in October last year, according to the results, while the partial solar eclipse only 30-50% of the sun was blocked out, but the solar power generation plummeted nearly three hours in the afternoon, after returning to normal working condition.Of 5000 solar power systems in the western United States statistics show that during the partial solar power device to produce 41% less energy than in normal times, means that the actual production by nearly 1000 megawatts of electricity, solar energy power station staff start to make up for the traditional thermal power generating way.

On March 20, the eclipse will be what kind of effects on the solar power?Mr. Tepper ORR company expert Barry & dot;Derek fisher (Barry Fischer) pointed out that the influence of the solar eclipse range wide, and will be very fast to cover the entire region.University of applied sciences in Germany, according to a study when the eclipse lasted 75 minutes, solar power station production decline of 2.7 times than usual, this is equivalent to medium power stations without electricity for a minute.

On March 20, phenomenon of solar eclipse and a partial solar eclipse in the western United States in 2014, the latter time is at sunset, which appear in the middle of the day, when the solar energy the most productive time.This eclipse will be a challenge, will be a solar power station modeling system an important exercise.