The potential of California photovoltaic power supply capacity of 14600 TWH

Publish Time:2015-03-20 Sources:Grasol

On March 16, the international famous journal Nature Climate Change "on the published an article called" effective use of land to meet the demand of sustainable energy research report.According to the report, is suitable for developing solar projects, California area is very broad, such as fully developed enough for 3-5 California's electricity needs.
The report says: "the deployment of renewable energy sources such as solar system, to achieve widespread access to electricity, heat and transportation, and mitigate climate change problem is undoubtedly the most pressing challenges facing human society today. However, the goal of fast development of solar power generation system is restricted by the factors such as the land and environment, make the future pattern of global energy becomes more uncertain."

It is understood that the report is by the Carnegie institution for science at Stanford university focused on solar photovoltaic and thermal power generation in the field of researchers concluded after through investigation and study.Researchers from California overall terrain, photovoltaic and thermal project is studied in terms of land application of compatibility, and power generation facilities and the distance between the human community.The researchers found that California has 8.1% of the land suitable for development of solar power, suitable for the development of photovoltaic power generation project, 10535 square miles, suitable for development of solar-thermal power generation project is 2422 square kilometers.

The reports statistical data more biased toward at close range with human activity areas.Statistics report explains: "so the most distant way in the existing power transmission line 30 km and the distance of 8 km road facilities suitable for existing regional consideration on the inside.", according to researchers in California in 2011, the year the total energy consumption is 2231 TWH, and according to the study can suit the total installed capacity of the photovoltaic power station development can provide a year of about 14600 TWH, suitable for solar-thermal power station development the total installed capacity of about 6000 TWH can provide electricity every year.

It is understood that California is renewable energy development goal by 2020 renewable energy power accounted for 33% of total electricity supply, greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 compared to falling by 80% in 1990.In 2012, 22% of California's energy from renewable sources of energy.In addition, the report also pointed out that California has adopted a series of measures as a pioneer in the field of renewable energy to the United States.The researchers believe that solar energy has great potential in the future become the most feasible and stable source of energy in California.