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Wave of green projects

Date:2015-04-30    Hits:5333

The 8th edition of World Future Energy Summit (WFES) saw the launch of several multinational initiatives regarding renewable energy and waste management production.

Accordingly, Abu Dhabi's state-owned Etihad Airways announced it would partner up with the Unites States aircraft producer Boeing to produce alternative, sustainable fuels whose production supports food production and fresh water conservation.

Etihad and Boeing will fund a pilot project to construct the world's first bioenergy enterprise which utilizes seawater-irrigated desert land in harvesting both food and bioenergy.

Meanwhile, American electronics giant General Electric (GE) declared it would join the sustainable bioenergy research consortium in Masdar, supporting bioenergy development.

Swiss-Swedish company ABB said it has won a 28-million-dollar contract to supply an electrical balance-of-plant (BoP) solution for a new independent water and power manufacturing project in the UAE.

The 1.5-billion-dollar Mirfa project is designed to increase power and water capacity in Abu Dhabi and various sheikhdoms in the UAE.

However, recycling waste-water and desalination of sea water won't meet the requirements of the fast growing Arab world population. The UAE's Meteorology and Seismology National Center announced its investment in research of rain production in desert countries with over 90 percent year-round sunshine.