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Spring outing with a light mood——Grace solar staff to Zhangzhou cloud cave

Date:2015-04-07    Hits:6097

It is the most pleasant thing for friends to gather together and play around and to chase the footsteps of spring, to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery, and then sit around the dinner till night and go home. That is what we do on March 21st.
On the very day, the Grace overseas marketing Dept& Ministry of Personnel Dept& R&D Dept come together to “Cloud cave Rock” scenic area, which is located in the city of Zhangzhou, and have a close embrace with the coming Spring. Besides the scenic touring, interactive games and CS gunshot, the farm gorgeous dinner all leave us a heartless mood and nice experience memory. Want to see some pics? Below is the approval.

Warming up

Group interactive

We are ready

girls ‘army

Prepared to fight

Fight fiercely

We are Family

To enrich the staffs’ amateur life and to train the staff cohesion has been the focus of Grace solar company. Grace occasionally organizes a wide range of activities, so that its staffs are able to work in a relaxed atmosphere and feel the big warmth from family, which in reverse encourage them to work together as a team, and improve their productivity and efficiency. Our goal is to work happily at” family” atmosphere and strive hard for its better future.