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In a new energy construction 40 mw Israel's largest solar photovoltaic power station

Date:2015-01-05    Hits:5893

The world's leading intelligent energy solutions provider, full of new energy co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "sheng in the new energy") announced to start building 40 mw the ground of the monomer of Israel's largest solar photovoltaic power station.

Which Israel's southern Negev (Negev desert sun, is the country's pv investment hot spots.40 mw photovoltaic power station is located in the negev KibbutzKetura, is apart from the red sea resort of Eilat (Eilat) north of 45 kilometers, covering an area of about 600000 square meters.

By sparsely populated in the plant location, at the age of the lack of rain, the climate is very bad, the large power station installer AravaPower and global electricity giant new energy company electricite DE France (EDF - EN) two owners unit for power plant EPC, operation and maintenance and other services more stringent requirements are put forward.With rich experience in overseas power plant business services, first-class power localization of technical solutions and solid partnership basis, in a new energy from many of the top global energy companies, successfully won the bid for this project.

Based on plant KWH cost optimization principle, the collection of new energy in the power plant solution in the field of technology advantage, adopt modular power station design, to reduce the hassle, improve the efficiency of installation.In addition, new energy and has extensive experience of working with local power plant together partners G - Systems, Elmor, overall layout, the design of hydropower station and the raw material procurement, quality management, construction supervision and plant commissioning, etc.

In order to ensure the plant running smoothly, reduce the risk of potential losses, sheng in the new energy will also provide professional plant maintenance services, use of technology, such as the Internet, the remote power plants, the real-time data of power station data and fault trace analysis and daily operation and maintenance of intelligent control.After power plant connected to the grid, when the output is expected to at least a year, 70000 megawatts of clean electricity.

With EDF - EN, AravaPower seamless cooperation partners, in a new energy to the deepening of the global focus on photovoltaic (pv) strategy, including Israel market, development and construction of more high quality, reliable and efficient photovoltaic power station.

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