Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiang’an New Plant Introduce

Date:2018-01-10    Hits:756

Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiangan New Plant Introduce

The track record of the past year has been splendid, and even greater progress is to be expected for the coming year.  New Year of 2018. Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Co., Ltd (Grace Solar) as a new carrier for the development of strategic emerging industries in Xiamen City, Grace Solar accelerated the integration of the industrial zones and promoted the industrial transformation and upgrading. Grace Solar will set a new plant which located at Xiangan high-tech industrial park, address: 12-07# area, west-south crossroads of Chenqian Road & Butang north road, is expected to be put into use by mid-2018. Plant will set Solar Mounting and LED lighting development and production. After the plant is completed and put into production, the annual output is expected to expand to 1.5 times of the current output, which will bring about more than 1,000 jobs and provide employment opportunities for localities.

Grace solar new plant is one of project of Xiang’an high-tech industrial park base of the project. The total acreage is 354,416.971 square meter. Since the beginning of 2017, it has been put into construction. As of December 2017, the total construction area has reached over 60,000 square meters.

It should a bigger gift for 2018.