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2017 Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Mid-Autumn Bobing Dinner

Date:2017-09-20    Hits:1131

As an old Chinese poetry said “The bright moon shines over the sea, from far away you share this moment with me.” Mid-Autumn Festival is reunited and harmonious moment for Chinese people.

On September 16, on the occasion of the festive season, our company intends to hold "2017 Bymea Group Mid-Autumn Bobing dinner" in Xiamen Hilton Doubletree Hotel, not only to enrich the spiritual and material life of the staff and enhance staff’s cohesion and sense of belonging, but also for purpose of further penetrate the corporate culture and create a harmonious atmosphere of the company!

Bobing dinner seems a reunion dinner, colleagues could share the stories of our work and life, and had a wonderful evening together. A get-together is always a short time , let’s take this opportunity to wish Bymea group a bright and brilliant tomorrow!

Wish all of our colleagues, Happy mid - autumn festival and family reunion!