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Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Mid-Autumn Activities—Changtai Rafting

Date:2017-09-20    Hits:1063

On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, Bymea group organized outdoor outreach rafting activities in Changtai on Sept. 16th 2017, in order to further enhance staff's collective sense of honor and team spirit.

During the activities, all the members are wholeheartedly and challenge ourselves. We cooperate with our team and help each other. With the coach’s help, we achieved the goal of challenging ourselves, melting the team and improving communication and cooperation.


The next station-- Changtai rafting

The whole journey is about 8 Km, it will pass 70 water fall and 60 curves. The whole stream has a drop of 75 meters, during the rafting, we can see quite small stream, rolling wave and marvelous stones. The trees are clustered on both sides of the river.  Sometimes we were rowing downstream, and sometimes we went ahead in torrents. The birds and flowers also bring a feeling of integration into nature. Everyone enjoyed the journey.