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Hangzhou xiaoshan international airport pv run when the project is formally put into production

Date:2016-06-25    Hits:3535

On June 21, technical personnel at the hangzhou xiaoshan international airport cargo terminal of distributed photovoltaic roof Orders for inspection.On that day, is located in hangzhou xiaoshan international airport cargo terminal roof of distributed photovoltaic power generation project acceptance by xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, the national grid power supply companies, production running smoothly, and connected to the national grid.The airport and into the first "green" airport for zhejiang, clean solar energy into electricity by photovoltaic panels, already available to the airport, also can supply to the national grid.Photovoltaic power generation project area of 24000 square meters, the installed capacity of 2.3 mw, expected power generating capacity of 3.078 million degrees, average daily output of 8500 degrees.Compared with traditional coal-fired power, can save a year 1231.1 tons of coal, carbon dioxide emissions 3225.5 tons.

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